Juliana & Kyle’s Wedding

June 16, 2016By andyWedding

Juliana and Kyle’s stunning wedding took place last week at Kingswood lodge. Before exchanging vows, they shared an emotional and beautiful first look together at Old Government House in downtown Fredericton. After joining up with their friends and family, they headed to their loving ceremony and fun-filled reception at the wonderfully decorated lodge. We snuck away after eating for some incredible photos at the nearby waterfall, and upon returning, they danced the night away. I couldn’t be happier to have been part of their day, and I wish them all the best in their marriage.

JulianaKyle-2 JulianaKyle-8 JulianaKyle-11 JulianaKyle-20 JulianaKyle-39 JulianaKyle-68 JulianaKyle-86 JulianaKyle-103 JulianaKyle-122 JulianaKyle-144 JulianaKyle-146 JulianaKyle-156 JulianaKyle-163 JulianaKyle-175 JulianaKyle-181 JulianaKyle-201 JulianaKyle-207 JulianaKyle-210 JulianaKyle-218 JulianaKyle-221 JulianaKyle-235 JulianaKyle-248 JulianaKyle-262 JulianaKyle-273 JulianaKyle-276 JulianaKyle-294 JulianaKyle-306 JulianaKyle-319 JulianaKyle-349 JulianaKyle-364 JulianaKyle-460 JulianaKyle-480 JulianaKyle-503 JulianaKyle-513 JulianaKyle-554 JulianaKyle-586 JulianaKyle-591 JulianaKyle-623 JulianaKyle-666 JulianaKyle-675 JulianaKyle-680 JulianaKyle-683 JulianaKyle-691 JulianaKyle-697 JulianaKyle-698 JulianaKyle-714 JulianaKyle-717 JulianaKyle-736 JulianaKyle-738 JulianaKyle-740 JulianaKyle-804

Juliana & Kyle’s Engagement

June 8, 2016By andyEngagement

Juliana, Kyle and I met up at the mosquito swarmed Garden Creek Falls for some great engagement photos. With a little bushwhacking and rock climbing, we were able to get some really unique photos. We grabbed a few more at O’dell park before heading home to take care of bug bites. I’m looking forward to sharing their wedding photos next week!

JulianaKyle-3 JulianaKyle-10 JulianaKyle-11 JulianaKyle-12 JulianaKyle-15 JulianaKyle-18 JulianaKyle-20JulianaKyle-65 JulianaKyle-28 JulianaKyle-29 JulianaKyle-30 JulianaKyle-33 JulianaKyle-38 JulianaKyle-39 JulianaKyle-43 JulianaKyle-48JulianaKyle-77 JulianaKyle-51 JulianaKyle-54 JulianaKyle-60 JulianaKyle-63JulianaKyle-70

Melissa & Brett’s Wedding

May 23, 2016By andyWedding

This past weekend I joined Melissa and Brett as they celebrated their love in a beautiful, spring wedding. After getting ready at the Delta, they had a beautiful first look at the Potato Research Center. A touching ceremony with friends and family took place at the UNB Currie Center’s long hall, a perfect spot to tie the knot! After a few more photos downtown, they partied the night away at The Station, with an incredible sparkler sendoff. A huge congrats to the newlyweds, and thanks for having me be part of your day!

MelissaBrett-9 MelissaBrett-37 MelissaBrett-74 MelissaBrett-85 MelissaBrett-95MelissaBrett-3 MelissaBrett-129 MelissaBrett-109 MelissaBrett-111 MelissaBrett-127 MelissaBrett-137 MelissaBrett-150 MelissaBrett-161 MelissaBrett-186 MelissaBrett-191 MelissaBrett-214 MelissaBrett-225 MelissaBrett-228 MelissaBrett-231 MelissaBrett-247 MelissaBrett-269 MelissaBrett-298 MelissaBrett-305 MelissaBrett-312 MelissaBrett-331 MelissaBrett-332 MelissaBrett-336 MelissaBrett-380 MelissaBrett-385MelissaBrett-325 MelissaBrett-318 MelissaBrett-427 MelissaBrett-444 MelissaBrett-454 MelissaBrett-487 MelissaBrett-522 MelissaBrett-526 MelissaBrett-535 MelissaBrett-539 MelissaBrett-552 MelissaBrett-557 MelissaBrett-563 MelissaBrett-566 MelissaBrett-584MelissaBrett-545MelissaBrett-523 MelissaBrett-513 MelissaBrett-642 MelissaBrett-650 MelissaBrett-667 MelissaBrett-695 MelissaBrett-707 MelissaBrett-709 MelissaBrett-718 MelissaBrett-732 MelissaBrett-735

Erin & Glenn

May 21, 2016By andyWedding

Erin and Glenn joined me a little too early on a Friday morning for a sunrise engagement session at O’dell park. Earliness aside, these two lovebirds rocked the shoot and we all had fun on their shoot. I’m looking forward to their wedding this fall!

ErinGlenn-2 ErinGlenn-5 ErinGlenn-9 ErinGlenn-11 ErinGlenn-17 ErinGlenn-21 ErinGlenn-24 ErinGlenn-29 ErinGlenn-36 ErinGlenn-43 ErinGlenn-48 ErinGlenn-56 ErinGlenn-66 ErinGlenn-70 ErinGlenn-71 ErinGlenn-73

Robyn & Chris

May 17, 2016By andyEngagement

Robyn and Chris met with me this past week at their wedding venue for some their sunset engagement session. Off the Beaten Path, a new wedding venue in Burtts Corner, is a beautiful, rustic-themed place for photos and events! I’m looking forward to capturing their wedding at the same venue this summer!

RobynChris-2 RobynChris-8 RobynChris-13 RobynChris-15 RobynChris-20 RobynChris-27 RobynChris-29 RobynChris-31 RobynChris-33 RobynChris-42 RobynChris-46 RobynChris-52 RobynChris-53