Danielle & Chris

October 20, 2016By andyWedding

Danielle and Chris’ incredible autumn wedding took place this past week at Mactaquac Provincial park. We began with a beautiful ceremony at York Centennial, with a stunning view, touching vows and a loving couple. After rings and kisses were exchanged, we toured the park for photos before heading to the reception at Mactaquac Lodge. There, Danielle and Chris celebrated their love with their friends and family before dancing and partying the night away. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Alanna & Christian

October 14, 2016By andyWedding

Alanna and Christian celebrated their love story last weekend with a beautiful autumn wedding at UNB Fredericton. After Alanna got ready at the historic Carriage House, she walked down the aisle to  Christian at the Edwin Jacob Chapel. After vows, rings, and kisses were exchanged, we toured campus for photos before eating, dancing, and partying the night away at the Currie Centre’s Long Hall. A huge congrats to Alanna and Christian!

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Erin & Glenn

October 13, 2016By andyWedding

Erin and Glenn celebrated their love with a lovely wedding this past week in downtown Fredericton. A beautiful, foggy autumn morning greeted them for a beautiful first look on the green. After photos, they tied the knot at the stunning Christ Church Cathedral. An intimate ceremony and reception with their closest friends and family was a perfect way to begin their married life together! Congrats Erin and Glenn!

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Mikayla & Josh

October 8, 2016By andyEngagement

Mikayla and Josh (and their lovely dog!) met up with me in Boiestown to check out Fall Brook falls. NB’s beautiful Autumn leaves and the waterfall made for a great background on which to feature their love, and the early morning hike was a lot of fun! I’m very excited for their wedding next Summer!

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Amanda & Jonathon

October 7, 2016By andyEngagement

I joined Amanda and Jonathon last weekend at the lovely Dunbar Falls for a lovely engagement session. The pleasant hike to the falls through the beautiful NB Autumn trees was a wonderful way to start their shoot. Once there, I had a great time capturing their love. I’m looking forward to working with them on their wedding next summer!

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