Michelle & Jean Francois

September 11, 2016By andyWedding

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join Michelle and Jean Francois as they tied the knot this past weekend. After getting ready, the lovely couple shared a touching first look at Old Government House in downtown Fredericton. After wedding party photos and a visit to the walking bridge and UNB for photos, we met up with their family and friends at the Kingswood Lodge to exchange vows and celebrate. A short-and-sweet ceremony lead, followed by photos at Kingswood’s waterfall, lead us into a reception full of love and laughter. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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Heather & Eddie’s Magaguadavic Lake Wedding

September 10, 2016By andyWedding

Heather and Eddie celebrated their love with their wonderful wedding held at Magaguadavic lake this past weekend. The couple’s efforts to decorate the lake truly made for and incredibly beautiful ceremony and reception venue. After getting ready, our couple shared a touching first look, complete with lots of “happy hopping” together! Following their portraits and wedding party photos, Heather and Eddie headed to the beach with their friends and family to tie the knot. Personalized vows, rings, and tears exchanged, we then headed into their tent to celebrate their marriage. The guests were greeted by tasty BBQ, great speeches, and plenty of kisses prompted by lame jokes. We even witnessed an impressive tap dance from the groom before heading to the lake to finish eve evening with some sparklers and stars. Congratulations Heather and Eddie, I wish you all the best!

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Beth & Randy

August 26, 2016By andyEngagement

Beth, Randy and I met up on what was supposed to be a rainy evening for their engagement session. We lucked out and ended up with a beautiful evening to showcase this couple’s love. Starting at O’dell park and ending downtown, many photos were taken and laughs had. Their wedding is next month and I can’t wait to share it!

BethRandy-5 BethRandy-14 BethRandy-18 BethRandy-23 BethRandy-27 BethRandy-33 BethRandy-35 BethRandy-36 BethRandy-47 BethRandy-50 BethRandy-53 BethRandy-54 BethRandy-58 BethRandy-71 BethRandy-72 BethRandy-76 BethRandy-83 BethRandy-93

Moira & John

August 25, 2016By andyEngagement

Moira & John were brave enough to wake up bright and early and do a sunrise engagement session with me last weekend. Starting at the walking bridge, we patiently shot and waited for a few glimpses of the sun poking through the clouds. Though we were all a little tired, I think it was definitely worth it! After the bridge, we walked around downtown and even ended the shoot at the site of their first date, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. I’m excited to share their wedding photos later next month!

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Kayla & Alex

August 23, 2016By andyWedding


Kayla and Alex’s wedding was a beautiful joining of two loving souls and two families. We began the day getting ready at the Delta Fredericton before heading over to Old Government House so the lovely couple could have their first look. After the first look, couple and wedding party photos (and even a few push-ups!)  were complete, we made our way back to the Delta for the ceremony. Surrounded by friends and family, the couple exchanged rings and said their “I Do’s”.  With the formalities done, it was time to head inside to eat and party the night away. We did escape the reception briefly to catch a spectacular sunset on the Delta’s dock. My best wishes for the happy couple!
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