Laura & Dave

July 8, 2016By andyWedding

Laura and Dave celebrated their love by tying the knot on a lovely Sunday morning wedding at Kingswood Lodge. After getting ready and doing a cute first look at the Delta Fredericton, a limo took them to Kingswood for a sweet ceremony, followed by a reception with some awesome breakfast foods. Finally, we finished the afternoon with their couple’s photos. A big congrats goes out to Laura and Dave!

LauraDave-13 LauraDave-22 LauraDave-30 LauraDave-40 LauraDave-49 LauraDave-53 LauraDave-62 LauraDave-82 LauraDave-86 LauraDave-99 LauraDave-122 LauraDave-130 LauraDave-131 LauraDave-134 LauraDave-140 LauraDave-152 LauraDave-165 LauraDave-179 LauraDave-209 LauraDave-246 LauraDave-250 LauraDave-257 LauraDave-263 LauraDave-272 LauraDave-274 LauraDave-375 LauraDave-387 LauraDave-411 LauraDave-428 LauraDave-445 LauraDave-449 LauraDave-458 LauraDave-462 LauraDave-465 LauraDave-469 LauraDave-491 LauraDave-494 LauraDave-498 LauraDave-500 LauraDave-503 LauraDave-508 LauraDave-517

Kayla & Alex’s Engagement

July 4, 2016By andyEngagement

I got to hang out with Kayla and Alex last week and take their engagement photos in beautiful downtown Fredericton. We started off by renting a tandem bike to go along with their wedding decor theme, how cool is that! After a bike to the train bridge and back, we wandered around downtown for some more fun and photos. I’m really looking forward to their wedding next month!

KaylaAlex-5 KaylaAlex-10 KaylaAlex-23 KaylaAlex-27 KaylaAlex-30 KaylaAlex-39 KaylaAlex-40 KaylaAlex-43 KaylaAlex-49 KaylaAlex-54 KaylaAlex-57 KaylaAlex-63 KaylaAlex-65 KaylaAlex-68 KaylaAlex-72 KaylaAlex-85 KaylaAlex-93 KaylaAlex-103 KaylaAlex-107 KaylaAlex-122 KaylaAlex-126 KaylaAlex-130 KaylaAlex-134 KaylaAlex-136

Laura & Dave’s Engagement

July 4, 2016By andyEngagement

Laura and Dave joined me for some lovely engagement photos a few days before their wedding. Together, we trekked through O’dell park and the walking bridge enjoying the sunset. I can’t wait to share their wedding photos later this week!

LauraDave-4 LauraDave-11 LauraDave-13 LauraDave-17 LauraDave-24 LauraDave-28 LauraDave-35 LauraDave-43 LauraDave-44 LauraDave-46 LauraDave-54 LauraDave-59 LauraDave-60 LauraDave-63 LauraDave-79 LauraDave-90LauraDave-81

Vanessa & Scott

July 2, 2016By andyEngagement

I met up with Vanessa and Scott in Rockwood Park last weekend for some fun engagement photos. Lily lake made for a beautiful backdrop for these lovebirds, and we had a great morning working together. I’m very excited to be a part of their wedding at the park next summer!

VanessaScott-18 VanessaScott-20 VanessaScott-23 VanessaScott-28 VanessaScott-32 VanessaScott-35 VanessaScott-51 VanessaScott-66 VanessaScott-70 VanessaScott-72 VanessaScott-74 VanessaScott-79 VanessaScott-81 VanessaScott-96 VanessaScott-101 VanessaScott-104 VanessaScott-108 VanessaScott-114 VanessaScott-118

Abby & Ryan’s Rothesay Wedding

July 1, 2016By andyWedding

Abby and Ryan celebrated their love by exchanging vows this past weekend in Rothesay, NB. Starting the day with a beautiful first look on Renforth Wharf, they then tied the knot in the lovely Our Lady of Perpetual Help church. We darted around Roithesay for more photos before partying the night away with their friend and family at the Bill McGuire Centre. Congratulations Abby and Ryan, and thanks for making me a part of your day!
AbbyRyan-13 AbbyRyan-25 AbbyRyan-59 AbbyRyan-63 AbbyRyan-67 AbbyRyan-81 AbbyRyan-135 AbbyRyan-169 AbbyRyan-180 AbbyRyan-186 AbbyRyan-195 AbbyRyan-210 AbbyRyan-213 AbbyRyan-219 AbbyRyan-230 AbbyRyan-239 AbbyRyan-245 AbbyRyan-246 AbbyRyan-252 AbbyRyan-269 AbbyRyan-284 AbbyRyan-291 AbbyRyan-314 AbbyRyan-325 AbbyRyan-373 AbbyRyan-377 AbbyRyan-379 AbbyRyan-384 AbbyRyan-390 AbbyRyan-398 AbbyRyan-415 AbbyRyan-438 AbbyRyan-447 AbbyRyan-470 AbbyRyan-473 AbbyRyan-515 AbbyRyan-537 AbbyRyan-550 AbbyRyan-555 AbbyRyan-567 AbbyRyan-610 AbbyRyan-617 AbbyRyan-658 AbbyRyan-661 AbbyRyan-667 AbbyRyan-686 AbbyRyan-692 AbbyRyan-695 AbbyRyan-702 AbbyRyan-708 AbbyRyan-713 AbbyRyan-715 AbbyRyan-717 AbbyRyan-726 AbbyRyan-734AbbyRyan-804 AbbyRyan-833 AbbyRyan-855 AbbyRyan-858 AbbyRyan-846 AbbyRyan-871 AbbyRyan-744 AbbyRyan-768 AbbyRyan-785 AbbyRyan-865 AbbyRyan-918 AbbyRyan-925 AbbyRyan-961 AbbyRyan-985 AbbyRyan-999