Stephanie & Keith’s Wedding

July 27, 2016By andyWedding

Stephanie and Keith celebrated their love this past week with a beautiful wedding and reception at the Crowne Plaza Fredericton. After their short-and-sweet ceremony in the Crowne’s terrace, we walked out in the high heat for photos around downtown Fredericton. Back in the air conditioning, the happy couple partied the night away. Congrats Stephanie and Keith!

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Stephanie & Keith

July 27, 2016By andyEngagement

Stephanie and Keith met up with me at Hazen Park in Oromocto for some fun engagement photos. Despite the heat, we had a great time and captured some lovely images. Up next on the blog is their wonderful wedding!

StephanieKeith-5 StephanieKeith-9 StephanieKeith-13 StephanieKeith-15 StephanieKeith-23 StephanieKeith-31 StephanieKeith-34 StephanieKeith-36 StephanieKeith-42 StephanieKeith-50 StephanieKeith-53 StephanieKeith-57 StephanieKeith-64

Katelyn & Mike

July 22, 2016By andyWedding

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the day capturing memories at Katelyn and Mike’s wonderful wedding. After getting ready and hopping into their limo’s, they met up for a tear-filled first look at Wilmot park. Their ceremony followed at the beautiful Saint Dunstan’s Church. After “I do’s” were exchanged, we darted around Fredericton for photos, stopping on the green, UNB and even to the King Street Alehouse for a drink. Their fun-filled ceremony was held at the Fredericton Inn, where they celebrated and danced the night away. A big congrats go out to these lovebirds!

KatelynMike-41 KatelynMike-65 KatelynMike-74 KatelynMike-79 KatelynMike-96 KatelynMike-111 KatelynMike-118 KatelynMike-120 KatelynMike-122 KatelynMike-126 KatelynMike-133 KatelynMike-146 KatelynMike-159 KatelynMike-167 KatelynMike-215 KatelynMike-227 KatelynMike-247 KatelynMike-264 KatelynMike-327 KatelynMike-390 KatelynMike-396 KatelynMike-420 KatelynMike-424 KatelynMike-432 KatelynMike-435 KatelynMike-463 KatelynMike-508 KatelynMike-518 KatelynMike-523 KatelynMike-527 KatelynMike-533 KatelynMike-553 KatelynMike-574 KatelynMike-576 KatelynMike-581 KatelynMike-589 KatelynMike-598 KatelynMike-611 KatelynMike-617 KatelynMike-625 KatelynMike-655 KatelynMike-658 KatelynMike-666 KatelynMike-668 KatelynMike-669 KatelynMike-673 KatelynMike-677 KatelynMike-745 KatelynMike-748 KatelynMike-750 KatelynMike-759 KatelynMike-785 KatelynMike-809

Katelyn & Mike

July 15, 2016By andyEngagement

I had fun hanging out with Mike and Katelyn earlier this week for some engagement photos in downtown Fredericton. I’ll be shooting their wedding tomorrow and can’t wait to share those photos at the end of the week!

DSCF7822 DSCF7909 DSCF7916 DSCF7941 DSCF7972DSCF9468 DSCF9481 DSCF9510 DSCF7994 DSCF8039 DSCF8058 DSCF8101 DSCF8179 DSCF8185 DSCF8217 DSCF8256

Laura & Dave

July 8, 2016By andyWedding

Laura and Dave celebrated their love by tying the knot on a lovely Sunday morning wedding at Kingswood Lodge. After getting ready and doing a cute first look at the Delta Fredericton, a limo took them to Kingswood for a sweet ceremony, followed by a reception with some awesome breakfast foods. Finally, we finished the afternoon with their couple’s photos. A big congrats goes out to Laura and Dave!

LauraDave-13 LauraDave-22 LauraDave-30 LauraDave-40 LauraDave-49 LauraDave-53 LauraDave-62 LauraDave-82 LauraDave-86 LauraDave-99 LauraDave-122 LauraDave-130 LauraDave-131 LauraDave-134 LauraDave-140 LauraDave-152 LauraDave-165 LauraDave-179 LauraDave-209 LauraDave-246 LauraDave-250 LauraDave-257 LauraDave-263 LauraDave-272 LauraDave-274 LauraDave-375 LauraDave-387 LauraDave-411 LauraDave-428 LauraDave-445 LauraDave-449 LauraDave-458 LauraDave-462 LauraDave-465 LauraDave-469 LauraDave-491 LauraDave-494 LauraDave-498 LauraDave-500 LauraDave-503 LauraDave-508 LauraDave-517