Melissa & Brett

April 12, 2016By andyEngagement

Predicting the weather has certainly been a challenge when planning an engagement shoot with Melissa and Brett. Spring came a bit early for the¬†winter shoot we wanted, and the rain held out on us, but still they showed up on a sunny evening with smiles on their faces. Everyone had a fun time downtown and I can’t wait to share the photos their wedding next month!

MelissaBrett-3 MelissaBrett-6 MelissaBrett-7 MelissaBrett-13 MelissaBrett-15 MelissaBrett-25 MelissaBrett-28 MelissaBrett-36 MelissaBrett-41 MelissaBrett-49 MelissaBrett-50 MelissaBrett-61 MelissaBrett-67 MelissaBrett-70 MelissaBrett-73 MelissaBrett-77 MelissaBrett-85

Julia & Aaron

March 2, 2016By andyEngagement

Julia and Aaron joined me for a very chilly sunrise engagement shoot in downtown Fredericton. There’s certainly something magical about a cold winter’s¬†sunrise and who better to share it with than a loving young couple. I’m looking forward to their warmer wedding this summer!

JuliaAaron-6 JuliaAaron-11 JuliaAaron-17 JuliaAaron-22 JuliaAaron-23 JuliaAaron-30 JuliaAaron-36 JuliaAaron-41 JuliaAaron-43 JuliaAaron-46 JuliaAaron-57 JuliaAaron-64 JuliaAaron-68 JuliaAaron-73 JuliaAaron-74 JuliaAaron-79 JuliaAaron-83 JuliaAaron-86

Robyn & Tanner (& Finnick!)

January 26, 2016By andyEngagement

Robyn, Tanner, and their beautiful puppy Finnick spent a chilly Sunday morning shooting with me in Marysville. These two lovebirds make an adorable couple and Finnick certainly doesn’t hurt. I’m really looking forward to their wedding!

RobynTanner-3 RobynTanner-6 RobynTanner-11 RobynTanner-16 RobynTanner-26 RobynTanner-29 RobynTanner-33 RobynTanner-36 RobynTanner-37 RobynTanner-41 RobynTanner-43 RobynTanner-53 RobynTanner-55 RobynTanner-56 RobynTanner-63 RobynTanner-70 RobynTanner-84 RobynTanner-85 RobynTanner-88 RobynTanner-98 RobynTanner-105 RobynTanner-114 RobynTanner-122 RobynTanner-128 RobynTanner-130 RobynTanner-135 RobynTanner-138

Stephanie & Adam

January 19, 2016By andyEngagement

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the lovely Stephanie and Adam. We had a fun adventure around O’dell park and downtown Fredericton. They were an absolute joy to work with and their love for each other really showed in all the photos!

StephanieAdam-3 StephanieAdam-10 StephanieAdam-11 StephanieAdam-15 StephanieAdam-24 StephanieAdam-30 StephanieAdam-33 StephanieAdam-35 StephanieAdam-36 StephanieAdam-40 StephanieAdam-45 StephanieAdam-62 StephanieAdam-66 StephanieAdam-70 StephanieAdam-77 StephanieAdam-82 StephanieAdam-84 StephanieAdam-88 StephanieAdam-94 StephanieAdam-96 StephanieAdam-97 StephanieAdam-104 StephanieAdam-108 StephanieAdam-112 StephanieAdam-114 StephanieAdam-116 StephanieAdam-120 StephanieAdam-127

Heather & Eddie’s Winter Engagement

January 1, 2016By andyEngagement

I met up with Heather and Eddie for a beautiful morning winter engagement session. I’m not sure I’ve seen two people so energetic that early on a chilly morning, and they were incredible to work with.I can’t wait to capture more of their love and smiles at their wedding this fall.

HeatherEddie-1 HeatherEddie-7 HeatherEddie-15 HeatherEddie-17 HeatherEddie-19 HeatherEddie-22 HeatherEddie-25 HeatherEddie-30 HeatherEddie-36 HeatherEddie-39 HeatherEddie-44 HeatherEddie-49 HeatherEddie-53 HeatherEddie-56 HeatherEddie-64 HeatherEddie-70