Hannah & Dave

Hannah and David were my first full wedding since COVID-19 began and reflecting on it, I feel so much gratitude. Not only for being able to get back to what I love doing so much, but to be a part of a celebration. Seeing so many happy faces all brought together to celebrate love was invigorating, and I can’t wait for all the celebrations to come! Not even a mask can hide the joy of friends and family as they spoke highly of these two during their reception!

I began my coverage capturing the bride and groom getting ready at the delta and church respectively. Though the guest list had to be modified to accommodate regulations, each room felt full of love; from the hotel, to the church, to the reception hall! My favourite moments were spent alone with Dave and Hannah as they reminisced on everything that brought them from their first date to this joyous day!

Congratulations to Fredericton’s newest husband and wife team!