Heather & Eddie’s Magaguadavic Lake Wedding

Heather and Eddie celebrated their love with their wonderful wedding held at Magaguadavic lake this past weekend. The couple’s efforts to decorate the lake truly made for and incredibly beautiful ceremony and reception venue. After getting ready, our couple shared a touching first look, complete with lots of “happy hopping” together! Following their portraits and wedding party photos, Heather and Eddie headed to the beach with their friends and family to tie the knot. Personalized vows, rings, and tears exchanged, we then headed into their tent to celebrate their marriage. The guests were greeted by tasty BBQ, great speeches, and plenty of kisses prompted by lame jokes. We even witnessed an impressive tap dance from the groom before heading to the lake to finish eve evening with some sparklers and stars. Congratulations Heather and Eddie, I wish you all the best!

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