Julia & Aaron

Julia and Aaron joined me for a very chilly sunrise engagement shoot in downtown Fredericton. There’s certainly something magical about a cold winter’sĀ sunrise and who better to share it with than a loving young couple. I’m looking forward to their warmer wedding this summer!

JuliaAaron-6 JuliaAaron-11 JuliaAaron-17 JuliaAaron-22 JuliaAaron-23 JuliaAaron-30 JuliaAaron-36 JuliaAaron-41 JuliaAaron-43 JuliaAaron-46 JuliaAaron-57 JuliaAaron-64 JuliaAaron-68 JuliaAaron-73 JuliaAaron-74 JuliaAaron-79 JuliaAaron-83 JuliaAaron-86