Julia & Joel’s Winter Wedding

Julia and Joel celebrated a beautiful winter wonderland wedding last weekend and I was honoured to be a part of capturing it. They started the day’s celebration with a first look, and were then off to a ceremony and reception at the New Maryland Center. A touching ceremony lead to a beautiful sunset and a lovely reception, featuring everyone’s favourite burgers from Relish. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

JuliaJoel-7 JuliaJoel-11 JuliaJoel-20 JuliaJoel-46 JuliaJoel-55 JuliaJoel-62 JuliaJoel-71 JuliaJoel-75 JuliaJoel-81 JuliaJoel-88 JuliaJoel-91 JuliaJoel-208 JuliaJoel-221 JuliaJoel-227 JuliaJoel-268 JuliaJoel-272JuliaJoel-170 JuliaJoel-279 JuliaJoel-303 JuliaJoel-307 JuliaJoel-322 JuliaJoel-327 JuliaJoel-333 JuliaJoel-366JuliaJoel-118 JuliaJoel-417 JuliaJoel-424 JuliaJoel-444 JuliaJoel-476 JuliaJoel-482