Laura & Dave

Laura and Dave celebrated their love by tying the knot on a lovely Sunday morning wedding at Kingswood Lodge. After getting ready and doing a cuteĀ first look at the Delta Fredericton, a limo took them to Kingswood for a sweet ceremony, followed by a reception with some awesome breakfast foods. Finally, we finished the afternoon with their couple’s photos. A big congrats goes out to Laura and Dave!

LauraDave-13 LauraDave-22 LauraDave-30 LauraDave-40 LauraDave-49 LauraDave-53 LauraDave-62 LauraDave-82 LauraDave-86 LauraDave-99 LauraDave-122 LauraDave-130 LauraDave-131 LauraDave-134 LauraDave-140 LauraDave-152 LauraDave-165 LauraDave-179 LauraDave-209 LauraDave-246 LauraDave-250 LauraDave-257 LauraDave-263 LauraDave-272 LauraDave-274 LauraDave-375 LauraDave-387 LauraDave-411 LauraDave-428 LauraDave-445 LauraDave-449 LauraDave-458 LauraDave-462 LauraDave-465 LauraDave-469 LauraDave-491 LauraDave-494 LauraDave-498 LauraDave-500 LauraDave-503 LauraDave-508 LauraDave-517