Melissa & Brett

Predicting the weather has certainly been a challenge when planning an engagement shoot with Melissa and Brett. Spring came a bit early for the¬†winter shoot we wanted, and the rain held out on us, but still they showed up on a sunny evening with smiles on their faces. Everyone had a fun time downtown and I can’t wait to share the photos their wedding next month!

MelissaBrett-3 MelissaBrett-6 MelissaBrett-7 MelissaBrett-13 MelissaBrett-15 MelissaBrett-25 MelissaBrett-28 MelissaBrett-36 MelissaBrett-41 MelissaBrett-49 MelissaBrett-50 MelissaBrett-61 MelissaBrett-67 MelissaBrett-70 MelissaBrett-73 MelissaBrett-77 MelissaBrett-85