Andy Tree

Hi. I'm Andy,

a recovering wedding photographer enjoying a new journey of capturing diverse subjects after more than a decade of wedding work. Now, I focus on everything from grand scenes to the mundane, primarily through explorations around my beautiful home province of New Brunswick. This fresh chapter allows me to rediscover the art of photography beyond weddings, finding joy in the everyday wonders of my surroundings. I love to chase excellent light, and I try to present the images I capture in natural, rich colours with a nostalgic feel that evoke pleasant memories of days well enjoyed."

inquiries: info@andytree.com

Local Landscapes

Welcome to my portfolio of landscapes and scenes captured across New Brunswick. With each image I try to tell a story of the many ways that my home province's natural beauty catches my eye and inspires me to create.



In my travel portfolio, you'll find a collection of images from my adventures outside of New Brunswick. These photos capture the everyday moments and stunning sights that make each place special.


Reflecting on over a decade of wedding photography primarily across the Atlantic Provinces has been nothing short of magical. Capturing moments of love and joy coast to coast, each wedding has its unique charm. From intimate backyard ceremonies adorned with handmade florals to grand celebrations, every event has been truly unique and a priviledge to have been allowed to capture, and I am truly thankful for the connections made and the laughter shared. Below you'll find a few of my personal favourite moments from the countless beautiful days and the wonderful couples who made it all possible.


While I am honoured to have captured hundreds of wonderful weddings, I have closed my wedding business in the Autumn of 2021.